Sauerstoffplaneten ohne Leben

  • Surtsey

    Wenn Surtsey von Menschen bepflanzt worden wäre, wäre schon eine andere Vegetation möglich.
    Weil Surtsey aber gerade ein Studienplatz für die Ansiedlung von Gründerpopulationen ist wird ein Eintrag von Pflanzen durch Menschen vermieden und sollte er doch erfolgt sein werden diese Pflanzen wieder entfernt, zwei Beispiele dafür (Kartoffeln, Tomaten):

    Human impact
    The only significant human impact is a small prefabricated hut which is used by researchers while staying on the island. The hut includes a few bunk beds and a solar power source to drive an emergency radio and other key electronics. There is also an abandoned lighthouse foundation. All visitors check themselves and belongings to ensure no seeds are accidentally introduced by humans to this ecosystem. It is believed that some boys who sneaked over from Heimaey by rowboat planted potatoes, which were promptly dug up once discovered.[20] An improperly managed human defecation resulted in a tomato plant taking root, which was also destroyed.[20]In 2009 a weather station for weather observations and a webcam were installed on Surtsey.[35]

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